Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"New" Phone

This past month my wife and I were finally able to get in sync with our phone contracts. To mark this happy occasion I purchased us both iPhone 5 phones. Of course this means that Apple with come out with a new phone next month. After some soul searching I decided I was ok with this.

My wife is coming from an iPhone 4, so an iPhone 5 is clearly and upgrade. Ever since she got an iPad she doesn't really use her phone all that much. Her primary uses are messaging me, maps, Yelp, and maybe Facebook and Instagram. I've tried to get her to use a To Do app, but not with much success. Apple's next phone probably won't be a big advantage to her.

I'm actually coming to the iPhone 5 from a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket running Android Jelly Bean. Stat wise, the iPhone 5 isn't that much better, and I was certainly losing features by moving to iPhone. The main reason I was replacing the Skyrocket, however, was that the hardware was infuriating. The stock battery wouldn't even last a day so I had to buy a giant replacement battery, the charger connection was flakey and would pop out half the time. I took to using a piece of tape to hold the charging cable in.

There are things I absolutely like about Android. I like how you can customize nearly everything. I like how it is straightforward to put your information right in front of you. I like how you can easily share data between apps. I like how the system is open and you can tweak it to do all kinds of interesting things without feeling like you are getting away with something. I have a Kindle Fire as an iPad decoy for the kids and I think Android will be good on a tablet, that you don't have to depend on. I'm thinking about getting one for news reading and the like.

I have a few concerns about using an iPhone, mainly concerning the interface. My phone before the Samsung was a iPhone 3GS, that I had jailbroken. The jailbreaking made it somewhat unstable, but I liked how it did a better job putting information in front of you than stock iOS. With iOS 6, iPhone does a better job at this out of the box and I really hope I don't have to jailbrake the phone.

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