Monday, April 26, 2010

To Do List

To Do List: To get the Windows based server up and running I need to set up the following (last update 4/28/10):
  • Redo all the movie sheets
  • Re-rip movies as MKV's without any compression (yuck)
  • Set up the HDHomerun to record OTA HDTV
  • Find a solution for removing commercials from recordings, preferably automatically
  • Configure print server
  • Configure iTunes to play and serve music, control via iPhone
  • Install remote desktop client
  • Find a way to automatically upload photos to Flickr
  • Set the small drive as cold storage
  • Install an NFS server for windows
  • Install a bittorrent client and with a web based UI
  • Restore available data from online backup
  • reformat large drive
  • copy data to the large drive
  • Set the large drive to be automatically backed up

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