Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fighting Fires

We had a very busy holiday weekend so I didn't have much time to play around on the system. There were a few fires to put out, however. When I did have time, it was either late at night or early morning. Which of course meant that I often taking two steps backward every step forward.

Ubuntu has an official repository of applications that can be easily installed on your computer from one central place, sort of like an app store. I mistakenly thought it would be fun update Transmission to the most recent version which isn't in the official Ubuntu repositories. As far as I could tell this caused the computer to crash. When I tried to reboot I discovered Ubuntu was unsuccessfully trying to boot with a newer kernel than I remembered. I eventually managed to reboot with an older kernel and remove the offending software. As far as I can tell Transmission has been updated as well.

Another "fun" problem is that when the system puts the screen goes to sleep it occasionally doesn't wake up. Other times it will wake up but only after a long time. I'm pretty sure this is a hardware limitation that isn't going to be solved so for the time being I just disabled screen shutdown in the power saving options. My longer term plan* is to setup a remote desktop server so I can control the server from the Mac. Then I can keep the screen shutdown.

* I should really make a TODO post somewhere on the blog. I'm losing track of all the stuff I say I'm going to do.

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