Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello navel!

Home theater computers or HTPCs are my rather obsessive hobby. By design the damn things are never finished. There are always new things to add or new tricks to try out. On top of that I'm relatively cheap so I'm usually trying to squeeze the maximum performance out of the bare minimum hardware. Sure, conceptually I could have dropped $2K on a new HTPC 2 years ago and use it unchanged until today. But where's the fun in that.

All this means that the method of watching TV or videos or playing music in our home is in a nearly always in flux. This is where the Wife Acceptance Factor comes in. Wife Acceptance Factor, or WAF, in regard to HTPCs denotes the spousal tolerance of and desire to use the HTPC. I've been interested in HTPCs for 6 years or so and the WAF of my AV setup (and my HTPC hobby in general) has gone up and down.

In the interest of improving my personal WAF, and make the most of my HTPC me-time, I thought it might be useful to give myself direction on what I'm trying to accomplish. In this blog I plan on keeping track of my HTPC projects. If this proves useful to someone else, all the better.

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